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Prime Minister Abe and Town Mayor Watanabe at March 8,2014 in Ogawara


 Currently, development of the second reconstruction plan is underway, which is the Okuma reconstruction vision’s policy for the future reconstruction of our town.

 We expect this Okuma reconstruction vision will change with the air radiation levels within the town. We have created a model of “how Okuma should be,” from a mid-long term perspective of how and in what time frame should we reuse the land.

 We wish to clearly point out that the air radiation levels in the town are expected to be a long-term roadblock in the process of permitting citizens to return. Therefore we must do what we can as a town, for our citizens who are so widely dispersed. The town government is in the position to support the townspeople the best it can while they are forced to live in evacuation shelters, and other housing outside the town.
 This town reconstruction vision is a mid-long term undertaking, and we are considering to have that reflected in the second reconstruction plan for the 2014 fiscal year.

 This report about the Okuma reconstruction vision is currently under consideration, which is why it is an interim report. We continue to take into consideration the opinions of all the townspeople, we want to make an accurate compilation of their responses by this March, so thank you for your understanding.


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 With consideration given to the prolonged refugee situation, where people have to live in temporary evacuation housing, we have come up with the following on how we can best support the lives of the townspeople.


  • Support stable living arrangements for townspeople in the prolonged refugee situation.
  • Provide a safe and comfortable lifestyle for townspeople living out of Okuma.
  • Support, and encourage ties between the townspeople, to create a sense of community among the citizens.


 Based on the shift in air radiation levels, we have settled on the following considerations and direction for mid-long term reconstruction of the town land.


  • Target schedule for setting up daily life infrastructure, so citizens may return to the town.
  • The basic concepts of reconstruction/renewal of the town land, and ideas for land structure. Setting up the town land in stages (Image)
  • Main points for town land reconstruction/renewal


 The first step in town land reconstruction/renewal is to prepare a total outline for the Ogawara district.


  • Prepare the base in Ogawara district (necessity- significance)
  • Placement of the reconstruction base
  • Town planning concept and reconstruction base plan and direction policy
  • Space preparation for reconstruction base (image)
  • Jobs in the restoration base of the town (image)
  • Schedule on establishing the restoration base


 Thank you.


The Okuma Reconstruction Plan An Interim Report December. 2013(PDF/5.86MB)


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